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Thomas K. Lindsay, Ph.D., Editor in Chief and Director, Center for Higher Education, Texas Public Policy Foundation

The Amy Wax Moment

The hoopla over Prof. Wax goes on and on. It started with an op-ed where she dared suggest that the end of “bourgeois values” from the 1950s—e.g., marriage, hard work, patriotism—had disabled and disadvantaged present-day cultures, and that all cultures weren’t—are you ready?—equal.

A History Professor Dares to Question the Diversity Mantra

Almost every higher education leader in America utters this mantra: “We need diverse student bodies because they lead to a richer learning environment.” Recently, one professor had the guts to argue that the mantra is false — Charles Geshekter.

It’s Never Easy, but Colleges Must Dig Deep to Survive

Some years ago, while I was teaching business courses at a small liberal arts college after a thirty year career in a corporate environment, the interim president of the college asked me how I thought the college could attract more students to its Business and Economics major.

A Wharton Professor Asks, Will College Pay Off?

Even though a certain drug will be beneficial to a majority of patients, we know that it can be very detrimental to others. If you wouldn’t take a drug just because it helps most people, neither should you go to college because it helps most people.

Swarthmore’s Culture of Narcissism

In 1979, the American historian and cultural critic Christopher Lasch published The Culture of Narcissism:  American Life in an Age of Diminishing Expectations.  Described in the New York Times as “a civilized hellfire sermon, with little promise of salvation,” the book became a bestseller and won a National Book Award.  The political consultant Patrick Caddell […]

An Angel Comes to Elizabethtown College

In the early eighteenth century, a small group of German-speaking Protestant dissenters migrated from Europe across the Atlantic to rural Pennsylvania and founded the Church of the Brethren. Devoted to piety, peace, serving humanity, and the quest for God’s saving grace, its members resembled the Mennonites but, in truth, found them in the flesh a […]