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Thomas K. Lindsay, Ph.D., Editor in Chief and Director, Center for Higher Education, Texas Public Policy Foundation

On Campus, A Culture of Racial Division and Mistrust

Andy Ngo decided to take part in an event billed as “Students of Color Speak Out.” He writes, “As a student of color and the gay son of refugee immigrants, the event’s premise interested me.” What Ngo found, however, was a climate of animosity directed at white Americans.

Oregon State Does Its Best to Combat “Whiteness”

It seems fitting that the state which hosted perhaps the ugliest riots following Trump’s election, Oregon, now is pushing a retreat for faculty members at Oregon State where those who “identify as white” can examine their “internalized dominance.”

Universities Push Fetishes On Campus

Universities have long abandoned the idea that some lifestyles are better than others. Morality is an outdated idea on your typical college campus. Events such as these–promoting behavior that has no place in a decent society–are the result of an environment that refuses to distinguish between the moral and immoral.

Academia’s Newest Victim Class: Fat People

Opposite the oppressed – fat people – are the privileged – healthy people. So, universities embark on campaigns to raise awareness of “thin privilege” and/or “size privilege.”

“Free” College in Oregon Comes with 20-Year Price Tag

 (From “Free” College in Oregon Comes with 20-Year Price Tag By Elise Graff As the cost of education balloons and student loan interest rates rise, lawmakers and students are considering creative school financing options. The latest is an Oregon plan that would keep students at public colleges completely out of traditional loans. Once Oregon’s […]