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Statist Conservatives?

By Mark Bauerlein President Trump’s proposal to reconsider Federal funding of colleges and universities that fail to observe free speech principles has opened another front in the general redefinition of conservatism currently happening in intellectual circles. (See here, here, here, and here for specimens of the debate).  At first sight, the action doesn’t jibe with […]

Texas Flagship Universities Fly the Flag for Freedom of Speech on Campus Campuses

(From By Tom Lindsay In January, Texas A&M University became the Lone Star State’s sole university to receive the highest possible rating for its protection of the First Amendment on campus. At the same time, it appears that the University of Texas System is considering taking its own principled stand for freedom through adopting the University of […]

The Case Against Giving to Your Alma Mater

By George Leef Many successful Americans think that they have some moral obligation to “give back” some of their wealth to the college or university from which they graduated.  Maybe they have fond memories of their years on campus; maybe they think that higher education in general needs and deserves support; maybe they hardly think […]

Case Challenges the Monopoly Power of Faculty Unions

By George Leef A series of recent decisions by the Supreme Court has eroded the power of public-sector unions to coerce workers they claim to represent. Most significantly, last year’s decision in Janus v. American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees held that the First Amendment prevents public unions from forcing workers to pay […]

FIRE Names 2019’s Worst Universities for Free Speech

Every year, the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) releases a list of the worst colleges and universities in the country for free speech: schools that routinely violate the First Amendment rights of students and faculty on campus. On Tuesday, February 12, FIRE released its list for 2019. The list includes both public and […]

The Real ‘White Rose’ Resistance

By Cliff Porter During World War II, the White Rose was a group of medical students at the University of Munich who rejected the evil of Nazism in the name of spiritual freedom and free will and thus determined to resist the Nazi regime.  The symbolism of the White Rose has since been expropriated by […]

Education is the only antidote to prejudice

By Ronald Trowbridge Prejudice–that is, myopic prejudging–is often more the rule than exception in politics.  G. K. Chesterton wisely observed that something can be so big that many do not see it—or only half see it.  They thus judge partially and unfairly.  I cite three recent examples. One, a restaurant owner in San Mateo, California […]

An old man’s learned sense about politics and today’s threats to individual freedom

By Ronald Trowbridge I have never written a piece like this one—about “my sense is.”   I have published hundreds of articles on political thought, and my format has always been:  state a thesis, then let the facts do the talking.  I have been a student of cerebral political thought since my junior year in college, […]

The (Academic) Empire Strikes Back Against Whistle-blowing Professor

By George Leef One of the biggest stories of 2018 in the academic world was the success that three academics had in getting supposedly reputable journals to publish articles they had concocted from nothing – pure hoaxes. The hoax papers made a strong case that the publication standards in the fields covered (such as gender […]

Students tell their stories in new free speech booklet

Protecting free speech on campus will be on the docket again in many states as lawmakers begin their sessions in the coming weeks. Texas will be one, if TPPF’s Policy Orientation is any indication (Stanley Kurtz, who co-authored the Goldwater Institute’s 2017 report along with me and Jim Manley of the Pacific Legal Foundation, was […]