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Thomas K. Lindsay, Ph.D., Editor in Chief and Director, Center for Higher Education, Texas Public Policy Foundation

The Federal Leviathan Is Crushing Colleges and Universities

Federal, state, and local higher education laws seem to multiply by the hour. Schools devote millions of dollars and valuable resources to comply with those rules—many of which confuse and do little to improve student outcomes.

Teacher unions confuse the minimum wage debate

Taxpayers and lawmakers should recognize the problems barreling in their direction from the overlap of the minimum wage and public sector unions. If public sector teacher unions want a higher minimum wage, this can only result in taxpayers paying for such an increase.

States Can Learn from Texas’s Response to Tuition Hyperinflation

The federal government has not taken appropriate measures to solve this issue. Texas has responded by developing accessible and affordable degree programs at the state level in order to enable students of low socioeconomic backgrounds to pursue a college degree.

Tax University Endowments?

A growing number of higher education observers and leaders are focusing on the accumulation of wealth among the larger university endowments and calling for this so-called “excessive” wealth to be taxed in the public interest, and there are rumblings in Congress about bills being drafted to do just that.

Not Quite a “Catastrophe”

As a sitting, non-profit college president who has lived with the realities of both public and private higher education for more than two decades, I don’t share the belief that the sky is falling.

How to Improve Education for Low-Income Students

Good education empowers Americans to move up the economic ladder. But today the education system fails millions of low-income students and is no longer the great opportunity equalizer. So it is time to take some sorely needed actions to shake things up.