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Thomas K. Lindsay, Ph.D., Editor in Chief and Director, Center for Higher Education, Texas Public Policy Foundation

The Biggest Man on Campus

Make no mistake about it, if Jim Harbaugh returns Michigan to gridiron glory he — like Krzyzewski at Duke — will report to no one at the University of Michigan except himself.

Waking America Up to the Student Debt Bomb

Administration policy encourages graduates to hunt for non-profit, public interest jobs that qualify them for loan forgiveness after only ten years. The country emphatically does not need to tilt the playing field still more against working in the for-profit sector.

2014 Recap: U.S. Universities Continue Their March Toward Irrelevance

Rather than address the twin crises of rising tuitions and lackluster learning, too many universities have continued their march toward irrelevance through acting, not as educators, but rather, as the keepers of ideological purity. They have become defenders, not of free and open debate, but of conformity and closedness.

The “State Disinvestment” Myth?

While the percentage of funding coming from state and local sources has fluctuated over the decades, it has stayed in roughly one steady, relatively narrow band, and we remain in that band today.

Forgive Us Our (Student Loan) Debts?

One of the programs designed to implement Obama’s vision for student loan forgiveness “privileges” (to use a term that’s all the rage these days) those who go on to work for the government or non-profit organizations.

Policymakers should boost WGU’s high-quality, low-cost education

We learned this month that WGU is producing the largest number of science and math teachers in the United States. And as Vance Fried, a research fellow at the Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs, has pointed out, “while WGU’s educational quality is high, its tuition is low.”

How to Deal with Student Debt?

It never occurs to Ross or people like him that the problem of students who have amassed too much debt is entirely the result of government meddling.