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Thomas K. Lindsay, Ph.D., Editor in Chief and Director, Center for Higher Education, Texas Public Policy Foundation

The New Discrimination on U.S. Campuses

Specialists in the comparative history of race relations have noted the uniqueness of the United States in generating a system of racial categorization based on the so-called one-drop rule.

A Smarter Way to Regulate Colleges

Colleges are cashing in credential inflation. In a recent essay for The Chronicle of Higher Education, Kevin Carey notes that many “not-for-profit” colleges operate highly profitable terminal master’s programs in fields such as business administration, education, and public administration that are indistinguishable from the two-year vocational offerings of most “for-profit” colleges.


Have you ever read any history of World War One? It truly was a needless conflict. The human collateral damage was both stratospheric and unnecessary, not to mention the lingering effects and unintended consequences (Treaty of Versailles?). Upon reading said history, one thing becomes painfully clear – there was no strategy involved. There was no […]


I don’t know when the Supreme Court is going to issue its decision in Fisher v. Texas, but if it rules against the use of racial preferences by public institutions of higher education, there will be immense consternation in the Diversity Above All camp. A revealing example of the thinking of people in that camp […]

On the Unsustainability of the United States: Epilogue

A few days ago in the Wall Street Journal, the “Notable & Quotable” section excerpted several passages from a book written by the great Austrian economist Joseph Schumpeter. Three sentences caught my attention.  They point, I believe, in the direction of answering the question posed in my previous post: Why did college administrators and trustees […]

Giving Universities the Business

       So, hey,  who needs boring  old history when a guy, or a girl, in college can load up on engineering, health care, technology – you know, the stuff  that really  pays?   As Florida Republicans contemplate the higher-ed bottom line,  many, according to the New York Times (Dec. 10),  hanker to “steer students toward majors […]


The word “sustainability,” like the words “diversity” and “multiculturalism,” has acquired totemic status on college campuses.  Go to your favorite college website, look under “Offices & Services,” “Research,” “Education” “Campus” or any number of other categories and you may find more space devoted to the word than is devoted to the offerings of certain traditional […]

In Praise of Tenure

By Frank Buckley One must be sympathetic to those who, observing the shipwreck which is the American humanities professoriate, suggest the abolition of tenure. Such proposals elicit furious denunciations from the academy and from the left. Getting rid of tenure would usher in a new McCarthyism, they claim (from their lips to God’s ear). It’s […]