In Ontario, policymakers have required colleges and universities to adopt mission statements in favor of free expression similar to the statement developed by the University Chicago. In the U.S., state lawmakers in Arizona, North Carolina, Wisconsin, and Georgia have adopted proposals concerning public colleges that include such a provision, along with other sections that allow students and faculty to express opinions on current affairs without fear of institutional reprisal .

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Thomas K. Lindsay, Ph.D., Editor in Chief and Director, Center for Higher Education, Texas Public Policy Foundation

Students tell their stories in new free speech booklet

Protecting free speech on campus will be on the docket again in many states as lawmakers begin their sessions in the coming weeks. Texas will be one, if TPPF’s Policy Orientation is any indication (Stanley Kurtz, who co-authored the Goldwater Institute’s 2017 report along with me and Jim Manley of the Pacific Legal Foundation, was […]

Can Families in Your State Take Full Benefit of 529 Savings Plans?

In September, we wrote here that some state lawmakers had work to do in order for families to make the most of their personal savings for their child’s education. This week, a new Heritage Foundation report provides an updated state-by-state analysis of what’s happening with federal law, state laws, and families’ attempts to save for private K-12 […]

College Students and a Crisis of Confidence

Gallup reports a “crisis of confidence among most students” when coeds are asked about life after college: Thirty-four percent of students expect to graduate ready to launch a successful career. A quick review of campus life makes 34 percent sound like too many. Start with concierges. Inside Higher Ed reports this week that New Mexico […]

Protecting free speech on campus part of a university’s mission

A recent Vox article doubts there is a problem with free speech on campus because there are “well over 4,000 colleges and universities in the United States” (4,360 according to the U.S. Department of Education), and there have been “only a handful of disinvitations.” With a “relatively few incidents of speech being squelched on college […]

Changes are here for K-12, college savings plans

College students will be heading back to campus in a few weeks, and a nontrivial consideration for students and parents will be how to pay for tuition in the fall. But recent changes to federal tax law may affect how millions of families consider K-12 and postsecondary options in the future. In 2017, Washington lawmakers […]

The Trump Administration Moves Away from Racial Preferences

By George Leef A large part of President Trump’s pledge to “drain the swamp” in Washington consists of revoking previous regulations that advanced leftist ideas about the economy and education. During the Obama years, the Departments of Education and Justice prodded colleges and universities to use race-conscious admission policies in order to achieve more diversity. […]

With Anthony Kennedy’s Exit, What Will Be The Fate of Race-Based College Admissions?

By William Murchison An appalling sign of an appalling tendency to let the U. S. Supreme Court settle All Important Questions is the speculation over whether Justice Anthony J. Kennedy’s eventual successor will disrupt the high court’s jurisprudence on affirmative action–chiefly, affirmative action for college admission. Why are we having this discussion to begin with? […]

Students Get ‘Too Little’ Civics Teaching, Principals Say

(From By Alyson Klein More than half of principals, assistant principals, and other school leaders say schools don’t focus enough on civics, according to a nationally representative survey by the Education Week Research Center.   CONTINUE READING HERE

Educating the Educators: States Take The Lead On Restoring Free Speech On Campus

(From By Tom Lindsay If some public universities have lost sight of the fact that freedom of speech is essential to both education and American democracy, the American people are fortunate that a growing number of state legislatures have not. Several weeks ago, Louisiana Governor John Edwards signed SB 364, a bill crafted to restore […]