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Thomas K. Lindsay, Ph.D., Editor in Chief and Director, Center for Higher Education, Texas Public Policy Foundation

2014 Recap: U.S. Universities Continue Their March Toward Irrelevance

Rather than address the twin crises of rising tuitions and lackluster learning, too many universities have continued their march toward irrelevance through acting, not as educators, but rather, as the keepers of ideological purity. They have become defenders, not of free and open debate, but of conformity and closedness.

Campus Sexual Assaults Versus Due Process of Law

I believe universities should be required to refer all incidents where crime may have been committed to the judicial system for adjudication. Sadly, I think universities cannot be trusted to be fair.

Now, here is something to wake up trustees

You’ll find out that there is a problem with faculty not teaching all that many courses. You will learn that the process of searching for a president—the board’s most fundamental responsibility—is full of traps, and that the reliance on an executive search firm often leads to neglect of the board’s responsibility.

A Huge Challenge and Dilemma for Higher Ed in Texas

Based on research conducted by the Coordinating Board and Houston Endowment on the fall 2000 cohort of Texas eighth graders, only 19% of them earned any sort of postsecondary credential within six years of expected high school graduation, and for the economically disadvantaged segment of this cohort the result was 9%.