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Thomas K. Lindsay, Ph.D., Editor in Chief and Director, Center for Higher Education, Texas Public Policy Foundation

Answering union critics on education savings accounts

With an [education savings] account, the state deposits a child’s funds from the state education formula into a private bank account that Melanie and Wade can use to buy educational products and services for their children. Texas lawmakers are considering making these accounts available to state families.

Record high school graduation rates! Hold the parade

While it’s true that more high school seniors are graduating, we are not doing a better job preparing students for the next step in their educational careers. Fewer students are ready as they enter college and more are taking make-up classes when they get there.

Can we (ever) take a joke? (Part 2)

Colleges have an intellectual basis on which to rest position statements that protect the freedom of speech and expression. The University of Chicago’s letter to new students is one way to make the school’s commitment known, and Yale’s commission from more than 40 years ago provides a road map for designing more protections.

Can we (ever) take a joke? (Part 1)

“When they start coming for the comedians, everyone else needs to sweat,” says a voiceover during the trailer for the documentary Can We Take a Joke? “When they start coming for the comedians, everyone else needs to sweat,” says a voiceover during the trailer for the documentary Can We Take a Joke?

Free College: When Higher Education Policy Jumps the Shark

According to the Urban Dictionary, the phrase “jump the shark” refers to the point at which a once-engaging TV show or movie franchise starts a precipitous decline from its peak of popularity. Even politicians can jump the shark, according to the Washington Post.

The value of research

Researchers need to make taxpayers and lawmakers aware that, in social science, if you study similar kinds of ideas enough—like parental choices in education—the results may not always impress you.

If You Have Money, Teacher Unions Want Your Name. And Your Money.

Santa Claus keeps a list of who is naughty and nice. Randi Weingarten and her teacher union keeps track of who she thinks is naughty—and then goes public, followed by threats that if you don’t change, she will go after your reputation and livelihood.

Chasing College Loan Debt

Federal lawmakers should use these guidelines to solve the higher ed loan crisis. New borrowing methods, more reasons to bail out borrowers, and new websites don’t count as answers.

Detroit in the long-term

What would be the implications of providing private school vouchers to Detroit students? Last week, the Washington Post’s editorial board encouraged state lawmakers to consider the idea after nearly all of the city’s public schools were closed for two days because teachers walked off of the job.