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Thomas K. Lindsay, Ph.D., Editor in Chief and Director, Center for Higher Education, Texas Public Policy Foundation

University Governance Explained: Board of ‘Submissives’?

University system administrators have a staff of fulltime researchers and are inside the system—they know the real story and use it to their advantage, only feeding the part-time board members information that supports the goals of the administration.

North Carolina Chancellor Choice Sparks Controversy

When your job is to observe the world of higher education, you tend to spend an inordinate amount of time scratching your head and asking, “How in the heck did that person get that job?” Time after time, top administrators seem to be overmatched by the tiniest problems that occur on their watch, problems that your average person could easily handle by simply doing what’s right, or they have entirely the wrong skill sets for the job.

Yet another scandal at UNC-Chapel Hill

It has been several months since the last University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill sports scandal (of course, school was out for the summer). But the school is making up for lost time with a doozy.

Charge: College Accreditors Ignore Student Learning

Two of the biggest drivers of higher education policies are the U.S. News & World Report rankings and the regional accreditation agencies. More and more, it is becoming obvious that chasing approval from them can have harmful rather than beneficial effects. In the case of U.S. News, the rankings are too dependent of false standards, […]

Public University Leader Opposes . . . Public Records Laws

One of the key corrupting influences in higher education is the “triple helix” alliance between universities, business, and the government. By placing universities as the middle man (or, if you prefer, “bag man”) between the government and business, it perverts education, grows government, and erodes our free market system. It also elevates people with the […]

How Much Time Do College Profs Really Spend Teaching?

It is the academic “Rite of Spring”: every year when the world again turns green, public university systems across the nation lobby their state legislatures for more green as well. The biggest expense in academia is faculty salaries, and no university official ever goes to the legislature and says, “We think we can find more […]

Court Defends Academic Freedom Against UNC Administration

  In a decision that could have important implications throughout academia—particularly for the higher-education reform movement—a federal court has ruled that University of North Carolina at Wilmington (UNC-W) criminology professor Mike Adams’s conservative speech and writing were contributing factors in his department’s denial of promotion. In other words, the decision not to promote was on […]

Will Duke President Address Latest Scandal?

There is some sort of poetic justice or perfect symmetry in the recent discovery that a Duke University student is paying her tuition by working as a porn star. There are certainly schools with more Bacchanalian social structures than Duke; many of its students are quite serious about their educations and have enough self-respect to […]

Sports Scandal: What Did UNC Leaders Know, and When Did They Know It?

“Although we in the Academic Support Program for Student-Athletes are capable of supporting many student athletes who are not as academically prepared as most UNC students, there have been many student-athletes who were specially admitted whose academic preparedness is so low they cannot succeed here.” More propaganda from Mary Willingham, the “rogue” reading specialist at […]