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The Fix for a Broken System of Higher Education

By Frank Buckley After the last couple of elections, it’s become clear that the greatest challenge for conservatives is taking back the culture. One of the greatest obstacles to this lies in our universities, which have been taken over by their politically correct faculty members. The solution will come from new technologies, and a classical […]

In Praise of Tenure

By Frank Buckley One must be sympathetic to those who, observing the shipwreck which is the American humanities professoriate, suggest the abolition of tenure. Such proposals elicit furious denunciations from the academy and from the left. Getting rid of tenure would usher in a new McCarthyism, they claim (from their lips to God’s ear). It’s […]

The History of Reality

By Frank Buckley Cows don’t have a history, observed Ortega. They just are. So too with reality. It just is. Or so one might have thought. But reality does acquire historiographical significance where there is more than one of it. I’m not talking about alternative histories. As it happens, today we celebrate the 150th anniversary […]

Crossing to Safety

By Frank Buckley Wallace Stegner has disappeared into that void into which great authors tumble, twenty years after their deaths, until they are rediscovered 40 years later. He, along with Willa Cather and W.O. Mitchell, is amongst the greatest of western novelists, and his Wolf Willow memorably described the parched country in which I grew […]