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Thomas K. Lindsay, Ph.D., Editor in Chief and Director, Center for Higher Education, Texas Public Policy Foundation

Toward more balanced (and interesting) higher-education reporting

The Society of Professional Journalists, to its great credit, says journalists should “encourage a civil dialogue with the public about journalistic practices, coverage, and news content.” In that spirit, I (as a member of the public) offer some observations.

Higher Ed Quiz Time: Which of These Is “Morally Wrong?”

OU president David Boren recently told reporters that a certain activity is “morally wrong.” In today’s quiz, you the reader must identify which one of the following twenty items sparked Mr. Boren’s moral indignation!

Campus radicals have ‘no brakes on their agenda’

My point is simply this: “The totalitarian left has no brakes on their agenda,” as the author and blogger Douglas Wilson has wisely observed. “They have no internal principle that allows them to say ‘thus far and no farther.’”

Policymakers should boost WGU’s high-quality, low-cost education

We learned this month that WGU is producing the largest number of science and math teachers in the United States. And as Vance Fried, a research fellow at the Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs, has pointed out, “while WGU’s educational quality is high, its tuition is low.”

Why is Oklahoma going the wrong way on reducing the cost of college?

In a new report published by the Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs, Richard Vedder and Anthony Hennen argue that “if higher education costs are going to be contained and eventually reduced, the key is improved productivity. … Unfortunately, it appears Oklahoma has done the opposite.”

Study: More Tax Dollars For Higher Ed Fails

In a recent interview on National Public Radio, Mike Neal, president of the Tulsa Chamber of Commerce, remarked that Oklahoma wastes “outrageous amounts of money on remediation for students that come out of high school with good grades, but they’re not ready for higher education.” Indeed, many students truly are not ready for higher education, […]

Higher-Ed Tax Consumer Wages Media Blitz; Taxpayers Respond

In 2008, University of Oklahoma president David Boren endorsed Barack Obama for president. “Our most urgent task is to end the divisions in our country, to stop the political bickering, and to unite our talents and efforts,” OU’s president said at the time. “Americans of all persuasions are pleading with our political leaders to bring […]

Cut Fat from the Budget? –Not Oklahoma Higher Ed!

In her recent State of the State address, Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin proposed cuts to several areas of government, including higher education. “Those who like bigger government and higher taxes will say the sky is falling,” she correctly predicted. “Entrenched interest groups and even some agency heads may say the same thing. But guess what? […]