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Thomas K. Lindsay, Ph.D., Editor in Chief and Director, Center for Higher Education, Texas Public Policy Foundation

Goodbye Literary History

By Mark Bauerlein A department signals what it believes students need to know by the courses that it requires.  A major in English used to stand for wide reading in literary expression from the Middle Ages to the mid-20th century.  How much literary history does it demand now? To earn an undergraduate degree in English […]

Comparing Texas and California’s Community Colleges

By Ronald Trowbridge (public statement to the Board of Trustees, Lone Star College in Texas) Emily Dickinson observed, “Success is counted sweetest by those who ne’er succeed.” We tend too often to take things for granted and should instead count our blessings.  Now living in Oakland, California, I wish to compare community colleges there to […]

How Should We Combat Administrative Bloat in Colleges?

By George Leef One of the major reasons for the rising cost of a college education is administrative bloat. Schools have been adding administrative personnel at a rate much faster than enrollment growth for decades. What, if anything, can be done to stop increasing costs? In a Wall Street Journal op-ed piece published on June […]

McDonald’s Solution to Postsecondary Education

By Jenna Robinson This morning as I was waiting in the McDonald’s drive-thru for my large Diet Coke, I noticed a sign. In addition to informing potential applicants that the restaurant is “Now Hiring!” it also mentioned the company’s “Archways to Opportunity” program—a program that pays for McDonald’s employees’ college tuition. McDonald’s website describes the […]

The Most Promising Avenue to Free Speech on Campus

(This piece was first published under a different title in on 5/17/19.) By Ronald Trowbridge Four avenues have been proposed to protect free speech on campus. Only one will work: discourage donations to schools that refuse to implement the First Amendment. Avenue one: mandate free speech on campus. Most faculty would pay attention to […]

For the Culture: The Nature of the Campus Free-Speech Issue

By Jun Yoon On March 21st, President Trump signed an executive order aimed at promoting free inquiry and combatting the suppression of speech on college campuses. The action came amidst growing public concern over the security of free speech in public universities, as incidents like campus riots and administrative “dis-invitations” of conservative speakers have become […]

What Do Students Learn in Education School?

By George Leef The great majority of public school teachers in the U.S. have come through education schools. In those schools – supposedly – the aspiring teacher learn the craft of instructing students. In most states, you can’t become a public school teacher unless you have the necessary education school credentials. (That’s one of the […]

The Great Awokening

By Mark Bauerlein Darel Paul’s account of what is happening at Williams College, along with his analysis of “woke” forensics, is a far-sighted discussion that everyone should read. Paul is a professor at Williams in the Political Science department, and author of From Tolerance to Equality: How Elites Brought America to Same-Sex Marriage His tone […]

Helping Struggling Graduates, Or Buying Votes With Taxpayer Money?

By George Leef One of the key insights of what’s called Public Choice theory in economics is that politicians gain when they spend tax dollars in ways that generate concentrated benefits for a small group of people at the expense of the whole number of taxpayers. If the small interest group knows about the politician’s […]

University-Enforced Biases Are So Stale and Predictable

By Mark Bauerlein When conservatives and traditionalists battle to preserve the old ideas of Great Books, the canon, genius and beauty, and Western Civilization, they face a hurdle that has nothing to do with ideology or politics.  The biases of progressive professors are there in full, of course–all of them are identitarians now—but the leftist […]