The job of the education secretary isn’t to defend public schools. It’s to help kids learn.


(from Vox):

By Mark Bauerlein

Betsy DeVos doesn’t support public schools. She didn’t attend them as a student, and she has never worked in the system. Wealthy and religious, she has no experience with financial aid or Pell Grants, student loans or special education. Her passion is to help parents find alternatives to traditional pathways through charters and vouchers. As Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) stated in her decision against DeVos, the primary duty of the secretary of education is to “strengthen our public schools,” but everything in Devos’s background makes her a poor advocate for them. Her “lack of experience” disqualifies her for the job.

That’s the argument.

But when we cast a cold look at the performance of schools in recent years, it’s hard not to count the very vices alleged by her detractors as the opposite, as virtues sorely needed at the present time. CONTINUE READING HERE

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