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Thomas K. Lindsay, Ph.D., Editor in Chief and Director, Center for Higher Education, Texas Public Policy Foundation

Is There a Hidden Tax in Texas College Tuition?

If the subsidy to these students is warranted as a public interest, it should be funded by all taxpayers after full disclosure and public debate in the legislative forum.

Time for a New Governance Strategy for Texas Higher Ed

Every effort in my memory to bring coherence to Texas higher education governance, which dates to the proposal over 30 years ago by a commission appointed to design either a functional or a geographic approach to higher education in Texas, has failed because of parochial politics.

Texas College: “Judge — and Fund — Us by Our Results”

The Texas Legislature’s decision to base TSTC’s funding upon the earnings of graduates liberated the school. It opened the door for TSTC to employ innovative instructional models, realize efficiencies, and create better operational alignment with the final desired results—student success.

The Ongoing College Readiness Debate

The proxy for this standard is community college readiness without the need for remediation. Should this be the minimum for a high school diploma for 100% of students? Of course not, but we can certainly set the bar higher than it currently stands.

Trustees raise questions about the proposed transgender policy

Budgets reflect choices and those choices should reflect the values and will of the community. If budgets have to be redirected to force compliance with directives issued from a far off politician instead, the community’s voice is lost.

The U.S. Constitution: An Illegal Document?

[O]ther critics of a convention of states believe their runaway-convention forecast is vindicated by the past: The 1787 Convention, some argue, itself was a runaway convention. If the Founders could not prevent this then, how can we expect today’s politicians to do so now?