It goes without saying that college has become exorbitantly expensive. Skyrocketing tuition has made in increasingly difficult for many to obtain a higher education and factors such as administrative bloat and the interference of Big Government policies are to blame.

Free Speech

College is meant to serve as a platform to explore and discuss new ideas. But what happens when institutions – and even professors – attempt to limit the free speech and expression of their students, simply because they disagree with students’ viewpoints?

Academic Integrity

Grade inflation is a cancer spreading throughout America’s colleges. An “A” is now the most commonly awarded grade and even the most prestigious institutions are failing to properly prepare their students for the workforce.

Student Loan Debt

Student loan debt is at an all-time high and crippling to both graduates and taxpayers. With 71% of students graduating with loan debt, many of whom are unable to make sufficient payments, it’s high time we implement effective solutions.


Measures such as the honest transcript – transcripts that show the average grade for every class – can help combat higher education’s problem with transparency. It’s important that parents and future employers alike know whether a student’s “A” was earned through hard work, or whether everyone else in the class also passed with flying colors.



Cost, value, and quality are all imperative to an institution’s reputation, so when these attributes are on the decline, who is at fault? Professors? University leadership? The government?