If There’s a College Affordability Crisis, What Should We Do About It?


(from the James G. Martin Center):

By George Leef

In last year’s campaign for the presidency, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders tried to attract votes with promises of free college. In the British elections earlier this year, one reason for the Labour Party’s surge was its pledge to do more to help students afford college. Higher education has become a very big political issue, with many voters receptive to candidates who want to help them get their degrees.

That explains a recent report entitled “The College Affordability Crisis in America.” This thin report was prepared by the Democratic Staff of the Joint Economic Committee and has been publicized by New Mexico Senator Martin Heinrich, who declared in this press release, “No American should be excluded from college because of cost…Congress must take action to tackle the growing cost of higher education.”

All right, but is there really a “crisis,” and if so, what is its cause and exactly what action should Congress take? CONTINUE READING HERE

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