From “Borked” to “Mizzou’d”: How to Restore the First Amendment on Our Campuses


(from Forbes):

By Ron Trowbridge and Thomas K. Lindsay

Campus protests are the new, fashionable zeitgeist.  Protesters have become emboldened, with virtual impunity.  It is quite conceivable that no well known Republican or conservative will any longer be permitted to speak on many college campuses.  The point survives the exaggeration.  We know with certainty that the zeitgeist will bode negatively, even destructively, against any speaker, conservative or even centrist.

To see this, we need only look at recent cases to glean that the precedent for protest has been firmly established.  We saw it, of course, at Middlebury College against Dr. Charles Murray.  The faculty fueled this fire when scores of them sent a letter to the president of the college, imploring her not to introduce Dr. Murray because such would make his presence on campus “legitimate.” Professor Allison Stanger, Dr. Murray’s chaperone, was injured by protestors and hospitalized.

We saw it at UC Berkeley, even before Ann Coulter appeared on campus, with masked protesters throwing rocks, breaking windows, and setting fires.  We saw it, too, at Claremont College, where conservative writer Heather MacDonald was not permitted to speak.  We saw it at Bethune-Cookman University, where during her commencement address, Secretary Betsy DeVos was booed and shouted down repeatedly.

And we saw it at Texas Southern University, where 863 people signed a petition demanding that U. S. Senator John Cornyn not be permitted to give his earlier scheduled commencement address.  His appearance was cancelled the day before commencement, owing to credible threats of protest violence.  People would get hurt, property, damaged. CONTINUE READING HERE


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