Community Colleges Are Not the Minor Leagues Anymore


(from Forbes):

By Ron Trowbridge

When I went to the University of Michigan a long time ago, the general view was that community colleges were second-class academic institutions, students going there couldn’t get into four-year schools. Tuition was cheap enough then that a motivated kid could work his way through college. I did just that.

Now that university tuition is just under the federal debt, poor kids just don’t have the money to attend universities. I taught freshman English at Michigan for four years. More recently, I taught freshman English for six years at a community college, Lone Star College. The academic talents between the two students were different in only one regard: the top of academic quality was about the same at Michigan and Lone Star. The bottom, though, was much lower at Lone Star—because state law mandated open admissions at community colleges. CONTINUE READING HERE

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