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The Mighty Maze: Part II

How’s this for a Happy Easter story?  A few days ago various media reported that Professor Deandre Poole, a Democratic Party activist and Instructor in the School of Communication & Multimedia Studies at Florida Atlantic University, had undertaken with students in his class on intercultural communication another cutting-edge experiment in postmodern education in the United […]

The Implausibility of “Stereotype Threat”

(This piece is cross-posted at   Defenders of “affirmative action” — admissions policies that give preference to certain students merely because they have ancestry that is regarded as making them more “diverse” – have to work hard to explain away a serious problem. That problem is the tendency for the students who are admitted […]

A Boost to Competency-Based Education

Arne Duncan’s Department of Education appears to have just opened the door much further to allow colleges to base graduation on competency measures – i.e. what students actually know – rather than on seat-time credit hours and traditional accreditation. In a March 19 letter the Department is encouraging colleges to request approval for degree programs […]


In Robert Tracinki’s piece on, the logical implications of the debasement of the humanities and liberal arts by moral and cultural relativism becomes painfully clear: Tracinski counsels that helping students to get out of college sooner will not only save them money but also hasten genuine education.  It has come to this.                                                             The […]

Soon, College Will Be “Better and Drastically Cheaper”

In a recent post (“$10,000 College Degree Is an Idea Worth Spreading”), I tipped my cap to Oklahoma State University president Burns Hargis, a former banker who recognizes the potential for increased productivity in higher education. “That’s what’s happened in business, and it’s what needs to happen in higher education,” Hargis says. “We need to […]

Part 14 of “Forgive us our debts? – Not a chance”

Editor’s Note:  Today we are running the fourteenth segment of the 15-part series on college-student-loan debt.  (Thank you to for putting this together.) Debt collectors are the subject of thousands of complaints every year. Debt collectors are the subject of more complaints to the FTC than any other industry. Recently, three agencies working with […]


To say that the University of Colorado has not recently been widely known for conservative thought would be an understatement (remember the long-running Ward Churchill episode of a few years ago?).  But congratulations are in order for its recent announcement that Steven Hayward, a former Heritage Foundation fellow, has been named the University’s first visiting […]


Legislative greed and misology are on display in Tennessee.  Due to manifest ignorance of what is cutting-edge in higher education, state legislators have denied funding for a university event that includes presentations on matters of the highest intellectual import, among them, sexual bondage expertise; scavenger hunts for Golden Condoms; and presentations on oral sex. What […]

Should University Presidents Speak Out?

A friend recently sent me an article entitled “University Presidents – Speak Out!,” published in The Nation. In the article, author Scott Sherman laments that university presidents don’t air their views more often on the “big issues.” His idea of an estimable college leader is someone like Lee Bollinger of Columbia (because he “spearheaded the […]

The modular university

  The New York Times is reporting that this Wednesday, State Senator Darrell Steinberg will introduce legislation requiring public universities in California to award credit for courses taken online from other institutions. If enacted, a committee would determine the 50 most oversubscribed courses in the California public university system, and would then approve which online […]