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Thomas K. Lindsay, Ph.D., Editor in Chief and Director, Center for Higher Education, Texas Public Policy Foundation

The Fear That Binds Us

America’s college campuses are brimming with differences in cultures, races, ethnicities, sexual orientations, and moral viewpoints. Even among this diversity, there is one thing that unites every student and professor: Fear.

Competition, Results, and Personal Safety

Everybody wants to be safe. Nobody likes nonstop insecurity. But selective schools, always in search of excellence, can’t remain selective and excellent without competition. The meritocracy must continue—and so will anxiety.

Is the Transgender Bathroom Directive Constitutional?

Education has traditionally been something done at the local level, controlled by those within the community it served. This federal directive usurps the local community’s ability to self-govern and upends the tradition of localized education.

Federal Aid To Higher Education Hurts More Than Helps

Serving as a legislator in California for six years provides a perspective that extends beyond the bounds of a purely economic, ledger-based analysis. Simply put, political science has as much to say about tuition as does economics.

Is There a Hidden Tax in Texas College Tuition?

If the subsidy to these students is warranted as a public interest, it should be funded by all taxpayers after full disclosure and public debate in the legislative forum.

Can we (ever) take a joke? (Part 2)

Colleges have an intellectual basis on which to rest position statements that protect the freedom of speech and expression. The University of Chicago’s letter to new students is one way to make the school’s commitment known, and Yale’s commission from more than 40 years ago provides a road map for designing more protections.