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Thomas K. Lindsay, Ph.D., Editor in Chief and Director, Center for Higher Education, Texas Public Policy Foundation

You Just Can’t Understand

Those of us who entered the humanities as graduate students in the 1980s and strove to climb the institutional ladder in the 1990s know of a particular ritual that became a common feature of academic debate in those years. You might call it the “You-don’t-know-what-it’s-like” moment.

Who Will Restore Free Speech On American Campuses?

We live in a moment when mass hysterias override and drive away the reasonableness our civilization once took as a cornerstone of the good life, the life of ordered liberty. Campus disorders merely reflect the mental and moral disorders of the time.

Disinvitation Season Is Here

Spring is upon us and that can only mean one thing if you’re an observer of higher education—it’s commencement season. Normally, this would be a time of excitement, hope, and anticipation, but not anymore.

Oregon State Does Its Best to Combat “Whiteness”

It seems fitting that the state which hosted perhaps the ugliest riots following Trump’s election, Oregon, now is pushing a retreat for faculty members at Oregon State where those who “identify as white” can examine their “internalized dominance.”

Rape Culture and Due Process

William Murchison gives his take on Johnson and Taylor’s new book “The Campus Rape Panic: The Attack on Due Process at America’s Universities” in light of a survey showing 15 percent of undergraduate women at the University of Texas have been raped.