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Thomas K. Lindsay, Ph.D., Editor in Chief and Director, Center for Higher Education, Texas Public Policy Foundation

Communism and Education

If you’re wondering what college students are learning these days, go ahead and cross history off the list. A study found that 33 percent of millennials think George W. Bush was responsible for the deaths of more people than Joseph Stalin.

Record high school graduation rates! Hold the parade

While it’s true that more high school seniors are graduating, we are not doing a better job preparing students for the next step in their educational careers. Fewer students are ready as they enter college and more are taking make-up classes when they get there.

The Context of Free Expression

Curriculum matters. Truth matters. And these principles are at least as relevant in the liberal arts as they are in the sciences, engineering, and law, maybe even more.

The Gender Non-Gap

The Old Boy Network ended long ago, at least in the areas of literature and language. Nobody wants to say so, and I haven’t heard a young person in my profession remark upon the current equality in any way for 20 years. But the numbers are clear. These pledges of encouragement to women in job ads are obsolete.

Would More Bureaucracy Help Students Graduate on Time? Probably Not

Students aren’t accessing the advising resources that are already available to them. So what good would another office or initiative do? It’s typical of lawmakers to try to increase efficiency and save on costs by adding another layer of bureaucracy.

How Could It Be Illegal to Offer Free Online Courses?

Some people are deaf, therefore, if a course lacks captions so that spoken material can be read, it violates the ADA. Same if a video doesn’t have enough color contrast, since some people suffer from color blindness.