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Thomas K. Lindsay, Ph.D., Editor in Chief and Director, Center for Higher Education, Texas Public Policy Foundation

Moore’s Law Attacks Higher Education

Let’s hope that the people in my generation don’t mess up the higher education revolution in the interest of too much “collegiality,” which can often result in government intervention and protectionism.

At last, a fair and good school-choice bill

Senate Bill 4, voted out of committee last week, would enable some low-income students to escape from failing schools. Such an exodus would send a healthy message to those failing schools, its administrators, and legislators. It would serve as a positive example.

A Bad Report Card for American Millennials

As a country, we need to confront not only how we can compete in a global economy, but also what kind of future we can construct when a sizable segment of our future workforce is not equipped with the skills necessary for higher-level employment.

A liberal arts college tries a new strategy on student debt

Students and their families put their trust in us to prepare students to find worthy occupations and careers, and we need to own this. Nevertheless, sometimes it takes a while for graduates to get on their feet. They ought not to be crippled by loan payments while they are doing so.

Sociology Prof: “Don’t Study Economics – It Makes You a Bad Person!”

Because economics discourages the drawing of conclusions based on emotion and emphasizes the need to fully consider the results of action — the opportunity costs and the unintended consequences — it makes the student less inclined to fall head over heels for leftist panaceas such as the minimum wage, “free” medical care, and so forth.