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Thomas K. Lindsay, Ph.D., Editor in Chief and Director, Center for Higher Education, Texas Public Policy Foundation

Bias Response Teams Narrow the Range of Thought on Campus

Bias Response Teams are reminiscent of dystopian novels like 1984. The “whole aim of Newspeak is to narrow the range of thought,” as George Orwell wrote. We are witnessing the same narrowing of thought on college campuses today.

Are Tenured Faculty Exploiting Ph.D Students?

Intelligent people keep devoting many years of their lives to the quest for a Ph.D. that will merely give them an outside chance at a “good” faculty spot. One would think that such a system would have disappeared years ago, but Ph.D. programs in fields like literary criticism keep chugging along.

Frailty, Thy Name Is “FOMO”

The acceptance of words such as “micro-aggression” and “safe-space” into our vernacular only encourages the enforcement of political correctness on university campuses. This is an obvious step backward for freedom of speech and thought.

The Wrong Solution to Student Learning

Millennials consider themselves a special cohort–they have all the right opinions about justice and humanity–but when it comes down to the basics of math and verbal skills, they fall well short of their own appraisal.

PC and BS: Politicizing the Truth

Everything is politics these days, politics being the science of, among other things, achieving and maintaining power, and “truth” being mainly a slogan useful for hurling at people who would dare to put Milo Yiannopoulos on stage and hand him a mike.

Why Are Individual Donations to Universities Declining?

Despite a small increase in overall donations to U.S. colleges and universities, individual gifts have dropped off sharply—by eight and a half percent. What does it mean that individual donations have gone down so much?

What Campus Protestors Could Learn This Black History Month

In December, 1960, a group of students from Florida A & M University led a sidewalk protest in front of McCrory’s, a Tallahassee department store that only served whites at its lunch counter. The protests were led by a spunky young co-ed named Patricia Stephens.

Political Correctness Hits Pepperdine

What can be done? As a Pepperdine alum, I can write and vote, both at the ballot box and with my wallet. President Benton, your shameful capitulation to the new fascism leaves me no alternative: I will not “prioritize” my alma mater when it comes to charitable donations.