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Thomas K. Lindsay, Ph.D., Editor in Chief and Director, Center for Higher Education, Texas Public Policy Foundation

Texas Governor Rick Perry’s Challenge to Higher Education

       Time was – boy, do I know; I was there – when  a four-year University of Texas degree – food and housing included — could be had for $5000 (about $37,000 in 2012 terms).  Try wrapping up a single academic year nowadays for less than 30,000 of today’s  bucks.  By the way, median American […]

Education Failing at All Levels

Here’s one way to look at the sharp drop-off in SAT scores, announced this week:  Education’s a mess wherever you are.  In other words, a university dean  might feel himself entitled to say, brusquely:  What do you expect, look what they’re sending us? The product that secondary schools are pumping into higher ed was once, […]

School for Scandal

Don’t you just love it when Harvard gets in trouble?  Maybe you don’t, but I do – the consequence,  as they probably say around the Yard, of never having attended “Fair Harvard.”  But that’s not it this time.  I cite the Aug. 30 tidings concerning Harvard’s inquiry into whether – as the New York Times […]