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Thomas K. Lindsay, Ph.D., Editor in Chief and Director, Center for Higher Education, Texas Public Policy Foundation

On the Gentle Art of Bribing College Students

        The University of Oregon really wants you at its football games; well, if you attend school there, that is.  The Wall Street Journal notes that Oregon, troubled by growing student indifference to game-going, has contrived some inducements.  For instance, “If the Ducks score 40 points, those who stay for the whole time […]


              “It’s Time to Pay College Athletes,” announces Time Magazine–apart, I guess, from the ones not already or recently on the payroll.  For instance, according to Sports Illustrated, the football players whom Oklahoma State University paid as much as $25,000, with arrangements for some that involved “no-show jobs while hostesses […]


               So we should consider cutting law school back to two years?    I think that was President Obama’s point as he recently elbowed  his way into the higher-ed reform ranks         We’ll see what happens.    I wouldn’t at the same time count on activism in this vein from the barnacle- encrusted legal profession.  While […]


     “Liberal collidge perfessers?  You mean right here in Texas?”  Now, Clem, I told you to stop going around sounding like a talk-show caller. Everybody knows no self-respecting member of the University of Texas history faculty would rig a course reading list to make political points.  Or, hmmm, do we really, actually know it?     […]

Giving Universities the Business

       So, hey,  who needs boring  old history when a guy, or a girl, in college can load up on engineering, health care, technology – you know, the stuff  that really  pays?   As Florida Republicans contemplate the higher-ed bottom line,  many, according to the New York Times (Dec. 10),  hanker to “steer students toward majors […]


      After decades and decades, I’ve changed my career aspirations.         I no longer want to win the Nobel Prize for Literature.  I want to become a fired football coach for a  rich university.  It’s where the big bucks are.  I mean,  look:  Auburn University fires its head coach,  Gene Chizik, after two […]

Jacques Barzun, R.I.P.

           Jacques Barzun’s death a month ago, at age 104,  had, as one factor offsetting so great a cultural loss, a brief rebirth of Barzun-erie:    valedictory attention to the civilized ideas for which he stood during an extraordinary public career.  Barzun saw the Western world “losing it,”  in Western newspeak: going over a moral […]

Texas Governor Rick Perry’s Challenge to Higher Education

       Time was – boy, do I know; I was there – when  a four-year University of Texas degree – food and housing included — could be had for $5000 (about $37,000 in 2012 terms).  Try wrapping up a single academic year nowadays for less than 30,000 of today’s  bucks.  By the way, median American […]

Education Failing at All Levels

Here’s one way to look at the sharp drop-off in SAT scores, announced this week:  Education’s a mess wherever you are.  In other words, a university dean  might feel himself entitled to say, brusquely:  What do you expect, look what they’re sending us? The product that secondary schools are pumping into higher ed was once, […]

School for Scandal

Don’t you just love it when Harvard gets in trouble?  Maybe you don’t, but I do – the consequence,  as they probably say around the Yard, of never having attended “Fair Harvard.”  But that’s not it this time.  I cite the Aug. 30 tidings concerning Harvard’s inquiry into whether – as the New York Times […]