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Thomas K. Lindsay, Ph.D., Editor in Chief and Director, Center for Higher Education, Texas Public Policy Foundation

Needed Transparency Comes to Higher Ed

     Money, money, money – isn’t that what life, or anyway survival in life, is all about? For which reason the Wall Street Journal talks about the trend to advise people as to how much a particular medical treatment, or course of treatments, will cost them.      Comes now Texas state government, with what […]

Colleges Still Struggling with ’60s-Revolution Aftermath

    In breathless tones the New York Times touts the emergence of “bystander intervention” on college campuses: the putative means of blocking “bad behavior before it crosses the line from drunken partying to rape.” Because, natch, that’s what college is all about these days – mediation between the conflicting purposes of the students: male, female, […]

Wag the Dog: NCAA Sports Corrupting College

     Front page of the New York Times: Tail wags dog.  Or, to put it another way, Texas eighth-grader accepts soccer scholarship from University of Texas.      Hardly a big deal these days, apparently.  Thus the Times: “In today’s sports world, students are offered full scholarships before they have taken their first College Boards, […]

Faculty Shaken by Revelations of Failed Humanities Teaching

    We?!!  The literature faculty of UCLA debase our mission through curricular rejiggering?  Forsooth and what are you talking about, said UCLA’s English chairman in a protest letter to the Wall Street Journal after the Journal printed Heather MacDonald’s withering attack on said changes.  Ali Behdad would like it known that the university merely consolidated required […]

Finally! Universities Strike Back at Ideological ASA

    One of a huge number of problems with boycotts is what could be called the “do-it-yourself factor.”     In mid-December, the American Studies Association votes to boycott Israeli academic institutions. Within days, four prestigious American colleges and universities decide to boycott the American Studies Association.     Brandeis University, Pennsylvania State University, Indiana University, […]

Mack Brown and the Triumph of Games over College Learning

      Mack, baby, oh, Mack… sure it hurts, being fired from a $5-million-a-year job.  We know, Mack, we know.  But look, baby, you gotta WIN!  Losing is for losers.  No room around the University of Texas for people like that.  –If you call ‘em people. “Wimps” is more like it.         Hey, […]


    High tuition and bureaucratic bloat aren’t the universities’ only problems. There’s also stuff like, oh, you know, actual learning.  The John W. Pope Center for Higher Education Policy, in Raleigh, N. C., comes across with a dire analysis of what students at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill are learning or, more specifically, aren’t […]


      “Interest Fading in Humanities, Colleges Worry,” says the New York Times, which quotes, among others, Pauline Yu, president of the American Council of Learned Societies. Yu states the obvious: “College is increasingly being defined narrowly as job preparation, not as something designed to educate the whole person.”  Quod erat demonstrandum, as they say […]


            Back in the late 1960s,  the school district in which my mother had long taught elementary school music sent her to college-–education college,  that is.   She had done a stint at the Kidd Key Conservatory in Sherman, Tex., before earning two bachelor’s degrees from the University of Texas, neither one […]


             The national debt deadline draws nigh, political fractures in Washington widen, the Middle East simmers, and what does The Dallas Morning News run at the top of its A section on October 11?   You bet – a thumb sucker about “the most prosperous college athletic department in the country: a self-sustaining domain unto […]