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Thomas K. Lindsay, Ph.D., Editor in Chief and Director, Center for Higher Education, Texas Public Policy Foundation

The Destructive Myth that “All Should Go to College”

   While the world (or, anyway, a vacationing American populace) was gaga over Starbucks’ offer to subsidize college tuition for employees, over at Forbes magazine, writer Joseph Thorndike  was calling for the abolition of tax breaks for college.     Because he hates college students?  Au contraire.  Thorndike reinforces criticism of the Big Government doctrine that the […]

When Higher Ed Shuts the Door on Taxpayers’ Right to Know

Regent Wallace Hall, bête noire of the University of Texas establishment, asks too many cotton-picking questions? How about regents who don’t answer questions at all – or acknowledge there might be questions to answer – or for that matter talk in public about anything but football?  The Columbia Journalism Review scores the “increasingly closed-door culture” […]

New Assassin of Freedom–“Trigger Warnings”

Gee, let’s not upset college students by, y’know, making them listen to speakers with diverse viewpoints or – reports the New York Times – failing to provide them “trigger warnings” as to stuff they’re about to see or read. On the scare list at Oberlin College:  “racism, classism, sexism, heterosexism, cissexism, ableism, and other issues […]

School for Sex Scandal

    Naturally you recall the good ole days of 11 p.m. coed curfews and kissy-kissy at the dorm entrance, etc., etc.     Except, wait – how could you remember? You may not have been born, it was so long ago.       The world of “coeds” and curfews sure was different than the one […]

Supreme Court upholds Michigan ban on college affirmative action

    Heaven knows, the modern university has as much to do with the practice of politics as with the exercise of the intellect. Things naturally could get worse – a prospect from which the U. S. Supreme Court appeared this week to steady such universities as hover at the brink of outraging general sentiments of […]

How Universities Spawn Cultural “Fracture”

   Interesting point by Frank Bruni, The New York Times columnist, who notes the other day the culture’s conversational fragmentation: witness all the mouths that gape and the eyes that glaze over at the mention of cultural landmarks no one remembers any more. E.g., Vanessa Redgrave, Greta Garbo, and Proust.    What gives?  Too many […]

Pay For NCAA Athletes?

     Ideologically frisky as ever, the New York Times editorial page pooh-poohs the argument against paying college athletes on Title IX grounds supposedly requiring equal compensation for males and females. There’s no honor, the Times declares, in hiding behind the federal mandate to pour “substantially” as much money into women’s athletics as into male sports, […]