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Thomas K. Lindsay, Ph.D., Editor in Chief and Director, Center for Higher Education, Texas Public Policy Foundation

Is the Declaration of Independence Based on a Lie?

If we hope to preserve liberty as well as equality, we should take seriously Lincoln’s admonition and restore required study of the Declaration and Constitution at all levels of schooling—not simply in Louisiana, but nationwide.

Texas College: “Judge — and Fund — Us by Our Results”

The Texas Legislature’s decision to base TSTC’s funding upon the earnings of graduates liberated the school. It opened the door for TSTC to employ innovative instructional models, realize efficiencies, and create better operational alignment with the final desired results—student success.

‘Teaching For Social Justice’ Spurs Campus Censorship

While perusing these academic papers can give rise to laughter, this is no occasion for mirth. These studies arise out of an intellectual matrix whose overarching goal is deadly serious—the complete dismantling of the existing social order.

The U.S. Constitution: An Illegal Document?

[O]ther critics of a convention of states believe their runaway-convention forecast is vindicated by the past: The 1787 Convention, some argue, itself was a runaway convention. If the Founders could not prevent this then, how can we expect today’s politicians to do so now?

An Online Education Game Changer

PaGamO takes online math learning to a new level: It has turned math homework into “games”; that is, into competitive social interactions, and this with the view to increasing the pleasure of math homework for students, young and not-so-young.

When Slogans Replace Arguments

Catchphrases like “microaggression” and “cultural appropriation” are even more insidious because their sonic allure encourages people to substitute them for thought. However, euphony and placard-readiness are not argument.

Who Fired Melissa Click? Free Markets

Professor Click was fired by the UM Board of Curators last Thursday. But it wasn’t really the board that did her in. It was free markets — prospective students, their parents, donors, and alumni — expressing their displeasure with their checkbooks.