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Thomas K. Lindsay, Ph.D., Editor in Chief and Director, Center for Higher Education, Texas Public Policy Foundation

Part 14 of “Forgive us our debts? – Not a chance”

Editor’s Note:  Today we are running the fourteenth segment of the 15-part series on college-student-loan debt.  (Thank you to for putting this together.) Debt collectors are the subject of thousands of complaints every year. Debt collectors are the subject of more complaints to the FTC than any other industry. Recently, three agencies working with […]


Legislative greed and misology are on display in Tennessee.  Due to manifest ignorance of what is cutting-edge in higher education, state legislators have denied funding for a university event that includes presentations on matters of the highest intellectual import, among them, sexual bondage expertise; scavenger hunts for Golden Condoms; and presentations on oral sex. What […]

Graduating to Mediocrity?

From RealClearPolitics, January 16, 2013 Raising College Graduation Rates Isn’t Enough By Thomas Lindsay Imagine this: A study shows that America’s automotive industry is producing cars that are defective in 36 percent of cases. How does the industry respond to the crisis? By announcing an initiative to build still more of said clunkers, but faster […]

Texas poised to become national model for higher-ed reform

 (This article appeared in the January 12 Austin American-Statesman) By Thomas K. Lindsay, director the Center for Higher Education at the Texas Public Policy Foundation. In higher education, Texas’ struggles are America’s struggles. At the same time, the 83rd Legislature can make Texas’ solutions America’s solutions. Texas is well-placed to build on existing strengths relative […]

Part 13 of “Forgive us our debts – Not a chance”

Editor’s Note:  Today we are running the thirteenth segment of the 15-part series on college-student-loan debt.  (Thank you to for putting this together.) If a debt collector hasn’t found a defaulting borrower in six months, the case gets passed on to another agency. The government doesn’t give up easily when it comes to tracking […]


A Special Note from Thomas K. Lindsay, Editor in Chief of Twenty-five years ago, Allan Bloom published his bestseller, The Closing of the American Mind: How Higher Education Has Failed Democracy and Impoverished the Souls of Today’s Students.  His book gave rise to numerous studies over the years testifying to the fact that, since […]

Anatomy of a Revolution? The Rise of the $10,000 Bachelor’s Degree

  In 2011, Governor Perry challenged Texas public higher education to develop degrees costing no more than $10,000. This year, a number of schools complied. But critics contend that these new programs attain the desired price point through tactics that do not actually reduce real costs. This criticism may miss the larger point. Until now, the debate […]

Education and Democracy

NOTE: Today is Constitution Day, which celebrates the signing of the Constitution by the Convention in Philadelphia on September 17, 1787.   In 2004, Congress passed a law requiring all government-funded educational institutions to provide instructional programs on the history of the American Constitution every September 17th.  We at commend Congress for its recognition that […]