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Thomas K. Lindsay, Ph.D., Editor in Chief and Director, Center for Higher Education, Texas Public Policy Foundation

Want More STEM Grads? Stop Grade Inflation

(From RealClearPolicy): By Thomas K. Lindsay Our country is on an apparently bipartisan crusade to increase the number of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) graduates. Republican Florida governor Rick Scott recently proposed lowering tuition rates for students majoring in STEM subjects in order to bolster Florida’s economy. Democratic president Barack Obama announced last February a plan to “create […]

If A Is Average, Say So–the Dawn of Honest Transcripts

(From By Thomas K. Lindsay      A recent Harvard Crimson piece has raised eyebrows. From “Substantiating Fears of Grade Inflation, Dean Says Median Grade at Harvard College Is A-,” we learn that the estimable Harvard has done for grades what the Weimar Republic did for the mark. At Harvard, we read, the “most common grade is A .” But […]

Debunking Three (More) Higher-Ed Myths

    (From RealClearPolicy):                                                                                                       […]


  (From the Daily Caller): By Thomas K. Lindsay “. . . Much has been made of the “Texas Model” (lower taxes, common-sense regulation, and limited government) as a guide for national reform. Because of its prominence in the national debate, if the Texas Legislature succeeds in impeaching Hall, the chilling effect on reform will not […]


(From RealClearPolicy): By Thomas K. Lindsay Nationwide, higher education suffers from three intersecting crises: 1) declining affordability; 2) poor student learning; and 3) lax standards. But you wouldn’t know this from listening to the three myths masquerading as narrative in typical reporting of the issues. The first myth addresses why tuition has jumped 400-plus percent nationwide […]


“Transparency, accountability are crucial in higher education” (From the Houston Chronicle): By Thomas K. Lindsay The Texas House is considering impeaching UT System regent Wallace Hall. The affair looks to be a case study in what happens when the higher education establishment confronts accountability. It also demonstrates why theTexas Public Policy Foundation has for years championed greater transparency, without which there cannot […]

Liberating Liberal Education

(From Minding the Campus): “Liberating Liberal Education” By Thomas K. Lindsay Peter Lawler’s “The Downside of MOOCified Disruption” challenges my op-ed, “Confronting MOOC Melancholy.”  Let’s start where he and I apparently agree, and see where the logos leads.  First, I argue in my piece that higher education suffers from watered-down standards and ideologically-driven instruction.  Lawler […]

Trampling on Transparency in Higher Education

(FromThe American Spectator): “Transparency for Thee” Texas’ higher education battle matters beyond the Lone Star State By Thomas K. Lindsay In Texas and across the country, too many college students are paying too much and learning too little, and not much is being done about it. Texas reformers have been pushing transparency legislation, with the […]

Defending Online Learning

(From RealClearPolicy): “Confronting MOOC Melancholy” By Thomas K. Lindsay Have we fallen prey to MOOC mania? A recent article  by Professor Peter Lawler, a distinguished humanist, raises deeper concerns about these “massive open online courses” than we usually hear. Lawler finds faith in the “disruption” promised by MOOC supporters ill-founded.”The truth is that ‘disruption theory’ … means replacing an […]

Does the $10K College Degree Sacrifice Quality?

(From The Evolution):  Thomas K. Lindsay We have reached a point in this country where the issue of the affordability of college now transcends the usual gulf between Democrats and Republicans, the liberals and conservatives. Across the political and ideological spectrum — from President Barack Obama, a liberal Democrat, to Texas Governor Rick Perry, a […]