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Thomas K. Lindsay, Ph.D., Editor in Chief and Director, Center for Higher Education, Texas Public Policy Foundation

The Real Reason College Tuition Costs So Much

A major factor driving increasing costs is the constant expansion of university administration. According to the Department of Education data, administrative positions at colleges and universities grew by 60 percent between 1993 and 2009.

Texas Legislature Tries to Weaken Board Governance at UT-Austin

The interesting part of the story is that Hall’s investigations, confirmed by both internal and external audits of the admissions process, have been confirmed for their accuracy, despite the disparaging volleys the man has had to absorb.

60 California profs ‘unequivocally’ endorse American flag ban

Richard Pham, a senior majoring in History, told Campus Reform he was appalled to learn that UC Irvine professors supported the actions of the student council. “What troubles me about the flag ban is that it restricts free speech,” Pham said.

The impending surge for the University of Everywhere

Carey doesn’t say that colleges will become a thing of the past, but that the survivors will be those paying far more attention to student learning. One such school he points to is the University of Minnesota-Rochester, which gives its students a no-frills, no-nonsense, affordable education for a medical career.

In The Matter of Sweet Briar College

There is an amazing failure of imagination here—rooted in the institutional liberalism pervasive in higher ed—and a terrific opportunity for an educational entrepreneur.