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Thomas K. Lindsay, Ph.D., Editor in Chief and Director, Center for Higher Education, Texas Public Policy Foundation

The Story of Two College Athletes and Payola

I’d like to look at the issue of whether college football players should be paid, citing my own story at the University of Michigan. I was fortunate enough to win an Elmer Gideon Memorial Scholarship for combined academic and athletic achievement. I was awarded half of my tuition. I washed lunch and dinner dishes in […]

Why For-Profit Schools Deserve Welcome, Not Scorn

  (From the Dallas Morning News):   Why For-Profit Schools Deserve Welcome, Not Scorn By Ron Trowbridge   The Obama administration unveiled a plan Friday to strip federal funding from for-profit and career schools whose students default on loans at excessive rates. Such a new edict will do much harm to countless low-income, nontraditional and minority […]

Taxpayer Dollars Wasted in “Pell Hell”

Two- and four-year institutions of higher education are wasting billions of dollars annually in Pell grants. The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board’s “2013 Texas Public Higher Education Almanac” reports that “more than half of students entering a Texas public two-year college do not meet state college-readiness standards” and that only 38 percent of students below […]

Legislative micromanaging undermines regents’ authority

(From the Houston Chronicle): By Ron Trowbridge As a trustee of the Lone Star College System , I am especially focused on how theTexas House Select Committee on Transparency in State Agency Operations is attempting to resolve the controversy surrounding University of Texas System Regent Wallace Hall . While trustee matters at Lone Star College work on a smaller scale than at UT, the […]

A Short History of Higher Education

For a long time, professors taught.  Then someone decided it was not teaching that mattered much, but publication–which mattered less:  what they wrote often had no relation to the classroom, and what they wrote nearly nobody read.  Then it came to pass that they didn’t even write much:  said Derek Bok, president at Harvard for […]


The Texas Legislature is contradictory in its demands on community colleges.  On the one hand, Texas law mandates that community colleges must have open admissions and admit all students who apply.  On the other hand, that same legislature is requiring that community colleges show documented increases in graduation rates.  Two-year public schools enroll far more […]


Rep. Jim Pitts (R-Waxahachie) began the saga by wanting UT Regent Wallace Hall, Jr., impeached for making “numerous unreasonably burdensome, wasteful, and intrusive requests for information” from the UT administration—never mind that such is a regent’s legal authority and fiduciary responsibility. What’s more, both the Open Meetings Act and Public Information Act permit the public, […]


I am not just epidermal tissue Recently the Board of Trustees at Lone Star College voted 6 to 2 to approve a single-member district election system.  Kyle Scott and I voted no.  I did so for two reasons:  one, the lawsuit personally attacked me with offensive and fallacious comments and presumptions.  Two, the arguments in […]

Community colleges often a better option than universities

The future of community colleges is glorious. Four-year residential colleges are increasingly pricing themselves out of the market, and community colleges are filling the vacuum.  Current student debt is now approaching a staggering $1.2 trillion, and 38 million Americans have student loans outstanding, with the average at $26,000. Economist Richard Vedder, director of the Center […]

Trustee Defends Free Speech on Campus

At the Lone Star College System’s Board meeting on August 1, I read a statement titled, “A community college often a better option than a university.”  My piece strongly supported community colleges, corroborated with hard data.  At the conclusion of my statement I said:  “There are two major things that would jerk my chain as […]