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Thomas K. Lindsay, Ph.D., Editor in Chief and Director, Center for Higher Education, Texas Public Policy Foundation

“Collision of Adverse Opinions” Is a Healthy Thing

At Lone Star College, we take the First Amendment seriously. There are no restrictive speech codes, no “safe spaces,” no prohibition of “micro-aggressions,” no mandated “trigger warnings,” and no refusals to let certain speakers speak on campus.

Is the Transgender Bathroom Directive Constitutional?

Education has traditionally been something done at the local level, controlled by those within the community it served. This federal directive usurps the local community’s ability to self-govern and upends the tradition of localized education.

Free tuition for college students is fatally flawed

At Lone Star College, we do the best that we can with our limited resources to help as many students financially as possible. Take a look at how Texas community colleges already provide our students with affordable education.

Trustees raise questions about the proposed transgender policy

Budgets reflect choices and those choices should reflect the values and will of the community. If budgets have to be redirected to force compliance with directives issued from a far off politician instead, the community’s voice is lost.

Letter to My Daughter upon Starting College

Most of your professors, Elizabeth, will be excellent and you will gain a priceless education from attending college. But a few of your professors will be militant, intolerant disasters, yet they will be ostensibly intelligent and far more articulate than you. So what should you do?

A modest proposal to bar offensive speech from campus

Campuses would therefore have been right not to permit Thomas Paine, Alexander Hamilton, Martin Luther, George McClellan, Abraham Lincoln, a certain heckler, and Mark Twain to speak on campus. Note their awful, offensive language.