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Thomas K. Lindsay, Ph.D., Editor in Chief and Director, Center for Higher Education, Texas Public Policy Foundation

Reporter Bias: Higher Education Edition

One of the most difficult things conservatives face in academia happens off campus: press coverage that is just as biased to the left as is the professoriate.

No-Fault Debt

This kind of idiocy and manipulation is inevitable when dreams go uncurbed by reality. It will happen when we give people easy escapes from responsibility. And it will only aggravate the sour morale of people who didn’t make such mistakes when they see the fruits of bad behavior shuffled onto their shoulders.

A Conflict of Interest

The academics may assert that we need more anthropologists, but nobody else agrees. This is, in fact, a significant problem is higher education. It amounts to a conflict of interest. We have several departments attracting students to their programs, and the post-graduate job market doesn’t correspond.

Unintended Consequences: Black Student Protesters Have a Point

This is, indeed, a problem not of the students’ making. Emory recruits Black students with zeal, just as every other selective institution does, but then it throws them into classrooms in which they’re utterly disadvantaged. Why shouldn’t they issue demands against the institution that has done it?

Are Campus Protests A Product Of Academic Mismatch?

Let’s understand that the administrators and faculty have created these perceptions of “structural” or “systemic” racism. It comes down to the “mismatch” problem of affirmative action.”

It’s Not Ideology—It’s Management

It sounds like a moral position, but it’s really a managerial response. The important thing is a trouble-free campus. Avoid expensive cases and bad publicity. Each instance of insensitivity imposes labor costs in terms of hours devoted to handling the grievance.

A Race for the Best and Brightest

There simply are not enough high performing students to sustain a rigorous curriculum and grading scale at very many institutions. In this pressure to dumb down the academic climate, we see another reason for schools to admit more foreign students.

Social Engineering for Education

Over the years, with allegations of cultural bias thrown against them, text developers have pared the content of the tests down until they are wholly neutral, flat, and remote. On reading exams, we get passages about penguins in Antarctica and other topics that won’t spark a debate about bias and sensitivity.