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Thomas K. Lindsay, Ph.D., Editor in Chief and Director, Center for Higher Education, Texas Public Policy Foundation

A Worthy Proposal for Reform of Federal Higher Education Grants

Paul Peterson of Harvard’s Kennedy School has a very simple and common sense proposal to jump-start the conversation on reform of the federal higher education grant system—we should require students who apply for financial aid through programs like Pell Grants to demonstrate that they are ready for postsecondary work by passing a state exam before receiving federal aid.

Shortchanging Bright Kids

A recent article by Harold Levy, executive director of Jack Kent Cooke Foundation, highlights what seems to me to be a glaring oversight.

A Tipping Point for College Athletics

Mark the date: The recent court ruling in the O’Bannon case combined with a decision by the NCAA in effect creating a “superconference” will serve as the impetus for the acceleration of the downward spiral of the highest levels of college athletics into farm systems for the National Football League and the National Basketball Association.

Reform Leadership at Purdue

When former Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels became President of Purdue University a year and a half ago, he made it clear that he didn’t like the college ratings game and the other metrics being used to help employers or college-bound students evaluate the relative value of any institution, and in fact felt that most of them provided perverse incentives that were even counterproductive.

UT Mess a Symptom of National Higher-Ed Crisis

I have restrained myself in commenting on the controversies at The University of Texas at Austin over the past several years because I have not been close enough to the facts to be entirely credible in my opinions.  Even now I am not to be considered an insider, but I have gathered enough intelligence in […]

State Court: Teacher Tenure Harms Poor & Minority Students

Substantially all knowledgeable public education reformers will tell you that the sine qua non of the mission to deliver a quality K-12 education for every child is an effective teacher in every classroom.  These same people, if they are honest, will also tell you that this won’t happen until we break the mold that has […]

Study: New High School History Proposal Teaches Hatred for U.S.

Previously I have commented on the announcement by David Coleman of the College Board of the new SAT to be released in 2016, without much good to say about the so-called “improvements” that supposedly are designed to better reflect what students have actually studied in high school, but appear to be simply more “dumbing down” […]


Recently the American Council of Trustees and Alumni (ACTA) sent its evaluation report on the leading 52 American public universities, Getting What You Pay For?: A Look at America’s Top-Ranked Public Universities, and, with due notice to some islands of excellence, the overall results were not encouraging.  The report used publicly available data about each […]


Every college and university, particularly those that rely heavily on taxpayer support, is striving to improve the four-year graduation rate of their students.  And it makes sense as a high priority objective—many knowledgeable observers consider the four-year graduation rate a critical measure of institutional success, and a low four-year rate of graduation is a very […]