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Thomas K. Lindsay, Ph.D., Editor in Chief and Director, Center for Higher Education, Texas Public Policy Foundation

Loan Forgiveness: A Superficial Solution to the Student Debt Problem

State policymakers are right to focus on student debt, which is a problem for many of North Carolina’s college graduates, not just those in teaching and legal professions. But a focus on the front-end of the problem, rising college costs, makes more sense.

Full-Time Non-Tenured Faculty Represent Innovation, Not Aberration

“Everybody’s going to have adjuncts,” McCord said. “But you take a big step-up in quality if you have one person teaching four sections of Psychology 150—a person you know doing it year after year—rather than a warm body off the street teaching individual sections.”

The Humanities Man the Barricades Against Growing Criticism

The failure of the event participants to go beyond the narrow establishment view of the humanities was disappointing. The audience—indeed, the entire state of North Carolina—needed to hear the hard truths about the current state of the humanities, not idealized accounts of it.

Reforms aimed at fighting grade inflation are falling short

The pressures to grade inflate are many: to attract students and boost enrollment; to appease graduating students seeking employment; and the desire on the part of universities to be “feeder schools” for graduate programs.