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Thomas K. Lindsay, Ph.D., Editor in Chief and Director, Center for Higher Education, Texas Public Policy Foundation

Remarkably Low Literacy Among New York’s Prospective Teachers

As long as public school officials are required to hire only prospective teachers who have gone through the education school mill, we – that is, the hapless children who desperately need academically-minded teachers — will continue to suffer from classroom mediocrities.

How to Deal with Student Debt?

It never occurs to Ross or people like him that the problem of students who have amassed too much debt is entirely the result of government meddling.

How ‘Gentle’ Repayment Terms for Student Loans Hurt Everybody

It’s just inevitable – any time the government decides to be generous with taxpayer money, interest groups will start scheming for ways to maximize their take, and politicians will start scheming to get the most political advantage they can from it.

Free Speech Recedes So Everyone Can Feel “Safe and Respected”

Top college administrators have a difficult job. They have to pay lip service to ideals they are supposed to care about, while they do the opposite, acting in ways that conflict with those ideals. One example is academic standards. College presidents always say that they’re devoted to academic excellence, when in fact they often sacrifice […]