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Thomas K. Lindsay, Ph.D., Editor in Chief and Director, Center for Higher Education, Texas Public Policy Foundation

In Case You Doubt that Leftist Academics Have Closed Minds

In fields where many of the senior academics hold very strong political opinions, they use their dominance to keep “undesirable” questions from even being asked. Instead of acting like scholars who want to encourage the pursuit of truth, they act like ancient clerics who are intent on protecting their belief system.

A Setback for the Faculty Unionization Movement

What Professor Satre sees as her “loss” is other people’s freedom to say “no.” Her colleagues will be free to avoid any entanglement with a union they may not want and the school administrators will remain free to decide with whom to negotiate.

A Nearsighted Visionary

Many people whose college degrees are of the occupational sort that Roth looks down upon nevertheless become upstanding citizens who are “lifelong learners.” Conversely, some who earned degrees at schools with shining liberal education curricula turn into the worst sort of authoritarian planners.

Will “Strict Scrutiny” by the Court Stop Racial Preferences?

We won’t know until next spring how the Court will rule in Fisher II, but the best guess is that it will find some “middle ground” – that is, leaving university officials to continue playing social engineer, but with some new restriction. What is certain, however, is that this issue will not go away.