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Thomas K. Lindsay, Ph.D., Editor in Chief and Director, Center for Higher Education, Texas Public Policy Foundation

America needs more STEM grads: True or False?

We keep hearing that America is facing a crisis unless we succeed in getting more young people through college with training in science, engineering, technology or mathematics – now known as the STEM disciplines. The thinking is that we are falling behind some other economically powerful nations in STEM degrees, which in turn puts our […]

This Book Defends Leftist Bias in College and Advocates More

Many college professors who want to use their classrooms as pulpits for preaching leftism to students are coy about it.  They deny that they ever do anything that goes beyond teaching into advocacy; if caught, they say that it was a one-time occurrence. If only for its honesty, you have to tip your hat to […]

On the Use of Cell Phones to Record College Classes

Technological changes have a way of creating new problems. Cell phones have created quite a few, and one of them is the fact that they can be used to make audio and visual reproductions of events. Some people see that as a problem, anyway, including professors and academic officials who discover that accurate reproductions of […]

Does This Professor Really “Set a Good Example” for Students?

Occasionally a case comes along that perfectly illustrates the worst that is happening in American higher education. A nasty confrontation at UC Santa Barbara (UCSB) between a professor of feminist studies and some anti-abortion protesters reveals many of the perversities we find these days on college campuses. UCLA law professor Eugene Volokh discusses the case […]

How College “Student Fees” Fund Propaganda

The fees that college students often are required to pay creates a large fund of money that attract all kinds of people and organizations that like spending other people’s money on whatever interests them. For activists, going after student fee money is something like the minor leagues for their later efforts at diverting taxpayer money […]

Can We Do Anything About “Party Schools”?

(From A sociologist’s book explores the disturbing party culture at her university but sees no real solution. By George Leef Almost as much awaited as the yearly U.S. News & World Report college rankings is the annual Princeton Review ranking of the top “party schools.” By Princeton Review’s analysis, the top party school this year is […]

Is Greater Diversity the Silver Lining of the Law School Implosion?

Not so long ago, law school was a growth industry, with new schools being created and enrollments going ever higher. What a turnaround there has been over the last five years. Enrollments of first-year students are back where they were 40 years ago. Some law schools have had to lay off some faculty members and […]

Shameless: “Too Big to Fail” Argument Hauled Out for Higher Ed

You know that something is really in trouble when the defenders of that something have to resort to jaded and intellectually feeble arguments in favor of it. For quite a few years, I have been convinced that higher education is in trouble, because it costs so much and often delivers so little, but a recent […]

Finally! A College That Works

For those of us who survey the landscape of higher education in America, the scenery is for the most part pretty bleak: students who don’t really learn much, professors who are happy to just go through the motions, administrators who feather their nests while pretending to do useful work, and so forth. Many schools are […]

Crying wolf over college “undermatching”?

In a recent piece published by the American Enterprise Institute, “Let’s not underestimate undermatch,” author Awilda Rodriguez claims that undermatching, which she describes as “the phenomenon where students do not attend a college or university that they could have gained admission to, based on their academic abilities,” is a serious problem. For quite a few […]