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(From WHAT DO 2,358 COLLEGE ADMINISTRATORS DO? By Richard Vedder For at least a half-century, the University of California has been considered the premier system in U.S. public higher education. The Berkeley and Los Angeles campuses always rank among the top 10 state schools, with several other UC campuses close behind. While the nomination […]


(From the New York Post): “PREDATOR” STUDENT LOANS College debt is ruining lives By NAOMI SCHAEFER RILEY ‘Help Jenna join the Convent!” A number of friends posted the link from fund-raising site to Facebook, so I clicked. Jenna Andrews, it turns out, is a 30-year-old Catholic convert who’s trying to join the Dominican Sisters […]


(From PRIVATIZE STUDENT LOANS Better to address the underlying causes of tuition inflation than to exacerbate them. By The Editors A bipartisan group of senators has signed off on a compromise bill that will keep the interest rates on student loans from going up significantly this fall. The bill would tie the interest rates […]

Mitch Daniels: I Just Wanted To Keep Kids From Reading Howard Zinn

  Editor’s Note: This piece from The Huffington Post labels Howard Zinn a “liberal historian.”  In truth, Zinn is neither a liberal nor an historian.  He is an unapologetic radical whose “historical work” is only ideology masquerading as scholarship.  Genuinely liberal historians are quick to dismiss him (see Sam Wineburg’s “Where Howard Zinn’s ‘A People’s […]

Subsidized loans drive college tuition, student debt to record levels

(From the Washington Examiner): Subsidized loans drive college tuition, student debt to record levels By Veronique De Rugy A proposal to restore the lower interest rate of 3.4 percent on student loans from its recently increased 6.8 percent for another year failed in the Senate on Wednesday. The common response to this vote is that […]


(From How to End the Nursing Shortage By Thomas K. Lindsay With the graying of America has come a shortage of health-care professionals, especially nurses. One major contributor to this problem is a lack of capacity at nursing schools. From 2009 to 2011, 85 percent of Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN) programs turned away […]

Academic Scandal at Winston-Salem State University

(From Academic Scandal at Winston-Salem State Administrators at the university sacrifice academic integrity to make the school’s results look better. By Shira Hedgepeth I worked at Winston-Salem State University (WSSU) for more than four years, rising to the post of director of academic technology in the school’s Information Technology Department. My first position at […]

“Free” College in Oregon Comes with 20-Year Price Tag

 (From “Free” College in Oregon Comes with 20-Year Price Tag By Elise Graff As the cost of education balloons and student loan interest rates rise, lawmakers and students are considering creative school financing options. The latest is an Oregon plan that would keep students at public colleges completely out of traditional loans. Once Oregon’s […]

Part 15 of “Forgive Us Our Student-Loan Debts?—Not a Chance”

Editor’s Note:  Today we are running the last segment of the 15-part series on college-student-loan debt.  (Thank you to for putting this together.) Loan collections have increased by 18%. The methods the government uses to get borrowers to pay on their loans seem to be working, even if the debt collection agencies that carry […]


In the debate over higher-education financing, most fall in one camp or the other. In the one are those who cite the upward trend in costs, the high delinquency rate, and the increasing difficulty of recent graduates to start their careers as evidence of a boom-and-bust cycle. In the other are those who deny the […]