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Thomas K. Lindsay, Ph.D., Editor in Chief and Director, Center for Higher Education, Texas Public Policy Foundation

Imagining a New Future for the Small Liberal Arts College

Reflecting on where the country and the college community find themselves, it seems to me that a truly visionary small college could aggressively control costs by developing an academic niche that would be highly attractive to students, provide a benefit to society as a whole, and help to ensure the future of the college itself.

A Million-Dollar Idea for the #MillionStudentMarch

Interestingly enough, 5% of each of the salaries of the top 200 earners at Texas State, or the top 6% of employees, amounts to $1,430,083, more than enough to ensure that all campus workers can earn a living wage. Call me what you may, but the solution seems simple.

States Can Learn from Texas’s Response to Tuition Hyperinflation

The federal government has not taken appropriate measures to solve this issue. Texas has responded by developing accessible and affordable degree programs at the state level in order to enable students of low socioeconomic backgrounds to pursue a college degree.

Such a Waste of Time and Money on Campus

I’d like to see more video of students like those who were trying to study in that Dartmouth library. They seem to know what they need to do today, in order to meet their responsibilities tomorrow.