Another University Capitulates to Divisive Student Demands

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While 2017 was a comparatively tame year after the two riotous ones preceding it, student radicals have not forgotten how to employ the pressure tactics that work against weak and compliant college administrators. It probably won’t surprise you to learn that a University of California campus (Santa Cruz) is the latest one to let protesters have their way.

On May 2, as we read in this Santa Cruz Sentinel story, the Afrikan/Black Student Alliance (ABSA) occupied the university’s main administrative building, Kerr Hall.  Most college students would be busy studying for final exams during the first week of May, but these students had something more important to do. Their objective was the “reclamation” of the structure.

What, exactly did that mean? The ABSA declined to speak with reporters from the newspaper, claiming that it was not trustworthy and that if the identities of any of the students were made known, they might face “racist retaliation.” One might entertain another explanation, namely that they thought that speaking with possibly skeptical reporters would undermine their stance with the easily intimidated administrators.

What the protesters did reveal is that they were demanding that the university purchase a piece of real estate owned by the group to be turned into housing reserved for African, black and Caribbean-identified students. That would be called the Rosa Parks African American Theme House.

Obviously it would be lost on these protesters to point out that Rosa Parks was trying to avoid segregation, while they are demanding it. Purportedly, in this extremely liberal state, students of color need a “safe space.” They claim not to have a “sense of belonging” at UCSC and somehow believe that they will overcome that if they are given their own housing.

After three days of this protest, the school administration caved in, as we learn in this follow-up story. UCSC Chancellor George Blumenthal announced that the university would let the ABSA have its blacks-only housing project, paint it just as they wanted in red, gold, and green, and mandate an orientation session for all incoming and transfer students on “educational diversity.”

Presumably the last item will mean lecturing students on how vitally UCSC is committed to diversity – except when certain groups insist on being given a racially themed house.

Will this agreement lead to a harmonious campus? One reason to suspect that it won’t is that the ABSA occupiers yelling insults and anti-Semitic expletives at Jewish students.

Like other universities that have gone crazy for “diversity,” UCSC has spawned a cadre of students who are barely interested in academic work and mainly want to use college as a training ground for careers in social activism.

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